Cummersdale in Bloom Progress Report

Cummersdale has entered the Cumbria in Bloom competition for the fifth year. The Village has
made good progress with entries in the past which has been reflected in the results.

Cummersdale Parish Council have given its full support to the entry and have made funds
available to support the entry both in purchasing plants and planters and by funding additional
ground care assistance.

Entries have been placed for a Village Entry for Cummersdale and a Its Your Neighbourhood entry
for the allotments.

This year we have formed a in Bloom group to manage the process they have already held a
number of meetings in the Spinners arms to plan work and encourage the important involvement
and participation of residents.

Full Village clean up days have been held which have been well attended, any help is much
appreciated however little, every minute counts, Debbie Clode provided Bacon Butties and drinks
for helpers, enjoyed by all. The next clean up session will be held on Sunday 8 July at 11am
meet at the Village Hall can’t promise bacon butties, but please come and get involved.

Volunteers are also needed to undertake regular watering of the hanging baskets and the tubs
and planters around the village please let any of the contacts know if you can help so we can
ensure a regular watering plan. These are now in place so watering is vital especially in the warm

In previous years we have asked if you have planters in your garden that you place them in a place
that they can be seen by the judges when passing your property, either outside your gate or in
your garden so it can be seen by a passer by.

Contacts for any help and advice or if you wish to volunteer your help are; Keith Mcintosh,
Diane Chicken, Debbie Cload, Donna Lund and Pauline Nicholson (Copse)
The Judging will take place on Thursday 12 July at 3.30pm for both the Village and the

For the Village Entry. The Judges will look at; The Copse, The Crecent area including the football
pitch and play area. The square area, Gilbert Road and The Oval.

The allotments will be judged separately.

Cummersdale in Bloom Group

June 2018